Dan Crisp - Be With You


A Lighter Shade Of Grey - Acoustic

Far From Here - Acoustic


Check out the fan video above to hear the new version of Hollywood available for free download here. This new version was recently recorded under the guidance of producer John Cornfield (Oasis, Muse). The video features footage from one of Dan’s favourite films, Slumdog Millionaire.

Music videos as usually expensive, so instead I made a fan-vid for Hollywood. The song is about needless excess undermining the things we have which truly matter. Slumdog Millionaire sums this up perfectly by proving that there's more to life than money.

What I'd like to see is your own interpretation of the song. Edit some of your own video to the track, and post as a reply to this video on YouTube. Maybe there is another film which works better with the song, or maybe some home video footage, or people you think represent real values.

Anything you can upload would be amazing to see. It's interesting how people interpret songs differently, let's see what you think!


A little look into who I am, recorded in late 2008.